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The Shadow Integration Manual

by James P Dowling and Steven T Richards



The Shadow is the most misunderstood concept in Jungian psychology. Many believe it to be the 'evil' lurking inside every human soul, and something to be 'integrated' as quickly as possible in order to become a strong, virtuous being.

The reality of the Shadow couldn't be farther from the truth. It's a structure that exists to compensate for the attitude of the ego, by adopting the opposite position. It's there to be a life-long friend, not an enemy to be demonized. 

As such, one cannot 'integrate' the Shadow as a structure. But you can integrate the current contents of your Shadow. And in doing so, you engage in real self-development. You quite literally 'raise your consciousness', as you are now aware of the most glaring way in which you were maladapted. This is real-time individuation.

This guide explains all the necessary theory, and then launches into the practical steps you can take to follow the path of the Great Masters in individuating, or more simply, becoming who you are.

This guide does not hold your hand - it's very advanced, and deliberately so. To sensationalize the Shadow is to disrespect it, and the blood, sweat and tears that went into studying and understanding it.

But if you think you're ready, and you'll know if you are, then this guide will make an essential addition to your suite of individuation tools.

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