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Lilith: The Last Temptation of Adam

For the first time in history, the works of Freud, Adler and Jung have been distilled into a single, easy-to-read, 458 A4-page practical guide, designed specifically for the 21st century man and woman.


For anyone who has a yearning deep in their very genome to become who they truly feel they should be, this guide is utterly indispensable.


"Behold, for I am Lilith and my name is Retribution!" 


“Behold, by act of mine own will am I came hence – and through this blood red soil is mine body made as living substance from pure spirit! See, my hair, is as golden as the sun’s raying light, mine eyes as green as this garden’s wellwatered fields. Know me then, oh creation, for I am the first woman – arisen thus out of the earth itself: I... am Lilith!”

The Ultimate Love Story and Eternal Triangle

An immortal goddess Lilith, enters Eden as the first woman. Scorned by Adam in favour of the second woman Eve, she curses her rival and all who will descend from her: promising to cleanse the Earth of humankind with an unstoppable pandemic plague. 

But first she must choose her new Adam: one young-man, who will become the new father of the world in a new Garden of Eden. She returns first in the 17th century, intending to release her contagion under cover of the Great Plague but is forestalled by a Puritan Witchfinder. 

As she is cast as a witch into a black-watered pool, she finally recognises a lovelorn local youth as 'him' - her New Adam: and promises that they will meet again in a future lifetime. 

Re-animated in the 21st century by her handsome dark servant and would-be consort: Von Hesse, she meets not only with the reincarnation of her Adam: but also with Eve. The original drama of Eden is then re-enacted in the 21st century against the backdrop of Lilith's final, apocalyptic contagion. 

Adam is forced to choose again between Lilith and Eve - the fate of the world hangs on his choice determined by his love - for two women. 

To be the father of the world and consort to an immortal goddess: or to sacrifice himself, to save Eve and all of humankind... The Last Temptation of Adam.

The Complete Modern Jungian Psychodrama, against the backdrop of a Contagion

This story arose from the author's unconscious, set alight by the unwavering spark of inspiration from his femme inspiratice: l'Orchidée, whose belief in him has never faltered and whose spiritual sustenance through every trial and tribulation has made his creative work possible.

Like a pre-Raphelite painter, the author did not choose what he would create, but instead, allowed the psyche to reveal to him what had been concealed since before the birth of any one man.

An archetype is a whole narrative, yet nested within one can see the true nature of the anima, the animus, the shadow and indeed, the Self. The books describing said psychobiological phenomena work as a theoretical introduction, yet they remain just that - as ideas.... unless one watches them come to life.

Lilith is the interweaving of them all, laid out as a splicing of the old and new into a modern myth par excellence - men and women alike will learn to understand, intuitively, how the anima and animus dance and attack one another, how the shadow can be integrated, and indeed, what an encounter with the Self really means.

A Jungian analyst in the US (left anonymous) used this story to help bring someone back from the brink of suicide - that, my friends, is the redemptive power of the Forms that lie, waiting for you, in your very DNA.


“From the very stone of these buildings shall it issue forth – the dusty pores shall bleed with my unseen contagion: out hence from this city until all of humankind is consumed! Oh Adam in Eden, how your descendants will wail in their misfortune and curse the usurper Eve’s hated name!” 


Lilith was created by 4 persons: Tom Stevens (real name Steve Richards), his unconscious, his femme inspiratice, l'Orchidée (real name Pauline Richards), and her unconscious. Both are depth psychologists with 40 years clinical experience each, and the founders of Psycho-Systems Analysis, a school of depth psychology which was supported by Franz Jung, Carl Jung's son.

Grab your exclusive Bonus, as part of the re-release by Jung To Live By:

The plot is enough for you to experience the true power of archetypes and instincts. However, for those who wish to take their study of Jungian psychology to new depths, your download will include a 20 page PDF, explicating the Jungian undercurrent to the plot. Here's a sneak peak...

"The unfolding drama is played out between the two eternal opposites in the human psyche – the masculine and the feminine, with the patriarchal ‘Demiurge’ or Rex Mundi and Lord Creator, fashioning the physical world and placing at its heart – Paradise in the form of the Garden of Eden, and within that – the First Man ‘Adam’ made from the Earth itself in the Creator’s own image.

The beauty of the created world beguiles an immortal Goddess who exists in the Pleroma – the highest realms of the eternal uncreated void – she is Lilith and as she enters creation, not only does she form a deity counterpoint to The Demiurge as feminine to masculine (thereby completing the original divine pair with him) but by becoming flesh as the First Woman – she mirrors that divine dyad, with Adam, The First Man."

Could you resist the Last Temptation of Adam?

What you'll receive in this exclusive bundle:

  • Lilith: The Last Temptation of Adam: the novel, complete with illustrations, by Tom Stevens (PDF)

  • Lilith and The Jungian Mythos of The Last Temptation of Adam: 20 page Jungian analysis of the psycho-dynamics of the story (PDF)


The eternal myths that have arisen out from the communion between mind and earth are as relevant now as they were for the ancient peoples of this land: and if we but only allow them, – they still speak to us... 

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