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Burn-Out Prevention & Recovery: The Charing Cross Method


Maximize your psychobiological vitality with this bleeding-edge guide to true energetic health maintenance and recovery:  should be used as an adjunct to appropriate medical support.

First developed in 1976 in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit at Charing Cross Hospital, London, this 137 page manual contains cutting-edge theory to not only recover from burn-out, but ensure you never dip below optimum energetic health again.

The information within these pages has been used to treat thousands of people through front-line NHS healthcare in the UK, with a very high success rate. We attribute this to it being a truly scientific approach to Holistic Medicine, that anyone can implement, no matter their current state of exhaustion, as an adjunct to appropriate medical support.

Within this guide, you'll discover:

  • A truly simple two-stage process for maintenance of cardio-respiratory vitality

  • A method of assessing your own level of clinical exhaustion, in real-time, using the Human Function Curve: are you in the Green, Blue, Amber or Red Stage?

  • The full-suite of consequences of slipping unconsciously into a state of sub-optimal energetic management

  • The S.A.B.R.E.S technique for burn-out recovery and prevention.

  • How personal complexes (SDMLBs) become activated under certain psychophysiological states to produce an unpleasant reaction in the body

  • The prime culprit for unpleasant exhaustion symptoms - hyperventilation - and how to determine if you are unconsciously doing it

  • Clinical case studies derived from the use of clinical capnography, showing how SDMLBs become active in accordance with shifts in blood pH


This manual is indispensable to you, if you:

  • Know you're exhausted

  • Have been compelled in the recent past into a 'masculine work ethic' or 'grinding'

  • Are under significant work-based pressure, either external or internal

  • Want to ensure you never sink into a state of clinical exhaustion


More so than this, below are the clinical signs of hyperventilation. If you are suffering from one, or many, of these, then there's a decent chance you have entered the amber phase of the Human Function Curve, as described within the manual:

- Struggle sleeping, or have frequent sleep disturbances

- Reliance on will-power to get out of bed in the morning

- Frequent fatigue

- Dissociation or Depersonalization

- Breathing using the upper chest and not the stomach

- Panic attacks

- Numbness/tingling in distal extremities

- Chest pain mimicking as angina

Humans are meant to be balanced, happy and functioning optimally. We sincerely hope this guide helps you either recover to, or maintain, that treasured of all life's gifts - health - which so many lose in our rapid-paced modern world.

About The Authors


Steve and Pauline Richards meeting Franz Jung (Carl Jung's only son) in his father's home in 1992

Steven and Pauline Richards are Psychotherapists and Respiratory Psychophysiologists with over 40 years of clinical experience each. 

Both are in an 'individuation marriage', and their clinical work has been personally endorsed by Anthony Stevens and Ernest Rossi, two of the most accomplished and important Jungians of all time. 

They have unified Jung's collected works with biology, to help develop the Theory of Everything par excellence for human psychology - Psycho-Systems Analysis - and in doing so received personal encouragement and support from Franz Jung, Carl Jung's only son.

Additionally, they co-founded the British Society for Clinical Psychophysiology, and were responsible for introducing Clinical Capnography Infra Red Mass Spectrometry (Respiratory Psychophysiology) and The Charing Cross Method into Primary Health Care, which are explicated at great length in this guide.

This manual has been incredibly useful for me. It's an outstanding piece of work. I imagine many other people would also find it useful."

— Aetherian (from the Jung To Live By Discord server)

If you're ready to take control of your own psychobiological energetic vitality, then your 137 page clinical-battle-tested guide is just one click away!

See you on the other side,

James, Steve and Pauline (Jung To Live By Team)

Supplement with this YouTube video, delivered by the authors, once you've read the manual. It's was designed to answered all the questions people who've picked this up have had

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